Quick weight-loss with Methi Sprout SALAD

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Hi everyone I am Dr. Shalini and I am a Naturopath. MD in Naturopathy. Naturopaths always treat their patients in natural ways. So toady I have come with FENUGREEK SPROUTS SALAD. I had explained in my previous video how to GROW Fenugreek SPROUTS and what are its benefits? If you have not seen the video then the link is in the description box, do have a look at it and find out the health benefits.


“I had told that time also that all my subscribers who are watching my video and are interested in it and are growing Fenugreek, please e-mail me the pictures of your Sprouts.  But there was difficulty with the e-mail address and there were problems that people were facing so I have taken out a solution for it. You can check the description box now; I have given a link of a group on Facebook. What ever you sprout and whatever pictures you click, you can upload it there and you can share it there so that you have an enthu. I have received a lot of photographs which have been sent by my subscribers and that you can see. Here they have sent Moong sprout and Multigrain too. Infact many people had sent the photographs in different ways. So show your enthu and whatever you are sprouting or whatever diet you are following, if you upload the photographs on my Facebook group, the link of which I have provided then it will be very good. You can be in my contact very conveniently and can talk to me more often.”


In today’s video I will give you a slight idea on how to exactly Sprout Fenugreek seeds? You will get a bit of an idea after which when you watch the salad then you will easily understand it. But if you want to know the entire detail then click on the link in the description box.  Where I have explained in detail about Fenugreek as well as I have also explained the ways of consuming Fenugreek seeds.


So before making the Salads let’s see once again how to soak Fenugreek seeds and how to consume Fenugreek seeds.



We will take 1 tsp of Fenugreek seeds. Fenugreek has to be soaked the whole night. It means that Fenugreek has to be soaked for atleast 12 hours if you want to sprout.  And if you directly want to eat this soaked Fenugreek for Weight loss then it should be soaked for 24 hours for better results. After soaking the Fenugreek increases to 1 tbsp. So the process of eating Fenugreek is that you should divide it into 3 parts and before all the 3 main meals you must have each part for fast weight loss.


But here we are sprouting so as you can see that I have placed pictures of different ranges. This is a 5 day process picture.  First day I have taken the Fenugreek seeds. Second day the Fenugreek seeds are well soaked. Then keep the Fenugreek seeds on a strainer and keep sprinkling water on top.  Keep in mind that you need to sprinkle water every 4-5 hours.  And when you find it proper, as you can see on the orange strainer, you too will get it. If you do not get exactly like this, you are not able to take the maximum care then do it for 3 days. So the advantages of Fenugreek increase a lot. The Vitamins and Minerals of Fenugreek too increase a lot and it benefits in everything.



1) FIRST RECIPE: So let’s prepare Salad. The first Salad that I am preparing is the Potato Sprout Salad. This can be part of your dinner as well. For this you require, White Onion, you can opt for Red onion too but White Onion is very good for slimming. If you want the recipe of soup or juice of White onion then do let me know I will surely make and show you as it is very good for slimming. So here I am taking White Onion, this can be had in Dinner and Breakfast both. And if you want to know the weight loss benefits of onion then the link is in the description box. See for yourself how much onion is helpful for weight loss.


Here I am taking Boiled Potato; this is the starchy variety which easily helps in slimming. Always keep in mind that boiled potato does not cause weight gain, it helps in reducing weight. If you fry it then it will make you fat. It has a lot of Potassium and Phosphorus which balances your Sodium, salt of your body. so if you want to reduce your swelling then you must intake potatoes as it strengthens the bones too.


Then I am taking my self grown Sprouts. I will slightly chop the sprouts so that it mixes well in the salad. You can add it directly if you are adding it to boiled things. Since Sprouts is raw so I have removed its roots. In a bowl I will keep the potatoes, onions and then I have added Red Chilly; you can substitute with Green chilly if you want. If you don’t eat chilies then you can leave them. If you are preparing this salad at night then use Rock salt and during the day any salt can be used. Add slight Lemon juice. During the day it is important to eat Iodized salt but at night you must consume Rock salt so that the problem of Water retention and Swelling does not arise. Extra water should not increase in the body.


Now we will ix it and your Salad is ready. If you boil potatoes and keep it in the fridge and also prepare the sprouts then you can easily prepare dinner or breakfast from it anytime. You must add 1 tsp of Oil which I skipped; it will have a lot of benefits. By mixing the oil all the oil soluble Vitamins and Minerals of the leaf are absorbed in the body.


2) SECOND RECIPE: Here I have made Protein Sprout Salad which is a very good option for Breakfast and it helps to lose weight easily. But whenever you make Protein salad then in that a lot of fruits should be used. Pineapple, Apple all these raise the Protein Metabolism rate. In this Salad I have used Chicken. You can use Soya Nuggets, Soya bean seeds or Tofu. You can also use Lentils in it. There can be a lot of varieties if they are boiled and added. And if taken in breakfast then weight loss is very easy.


Then I have added Red Onion as it has a different flavor in salads. You can use White onions if you like. Then I have added Green chilly, it is optional, but if consumed then it is very good. And then additional I am taking Orange here. Its juice is very apt for protein salad specially. Whenever you add protein in something then orange juice increases the protein metabolism. But if you have the problem of Water retention then do not add orange juice.


Cucumber for extra crunch. Now mix everything in a bowl. It is not at all tough. Whatever is remaining that I will be using in the next salad. Now I am squeezing out the juice from the orange. If you have a problem of Water retention then you can add ½ tsp Lemon juice in it. Lemon juice too increases the protein metabolism. Here you just need to keep in mind that if you are eating it for breakfast then you should use Iodized salt, Normal salt. And if you are eating it for dinner then you need to add Rock salt.

This should be eaten in breakfast because I do not allow eating fruits after 4pm due to water retention. In this I have grated Ginger. And now I will add Sprouts, just tear it, break it with hands and mix it. Your Salad is ready. Just a reminder that whenever there is protein intake either in salads or in your food then raw food must be present with it. And such food should be present that increase the protein metabolism. It means that if you eat protein in your salad then it will slim you very fast.


3) THIRD RECIPE: Next is Paneer salad (Cottage cheese salad). And this is extremely delicious. But you cannot take this for Dinner. This can only be taken for Breakfast. And if take this for breakfast then the slimming process is very high. It contains Calcium that makes the bones very active. Fats too are present but they are positive fats. You can count it as good cholesterol only for mornings when it provides a good strength for the whole day and you will lose weight by eating this Salad but only in breakfast.


The salad I prepared above and the fruits I used in that, I am using them here as well. Here I am only mixing Cottage Cheese ( Paneer). But remember Cottage Cheese is not high in protein. It is protein but not high protein. Now I am adding Tomato to cut the fats of protein. But I have removed the seed and the skin of tomato. Actually this can be eaten by people with Stones. When doctors are not able to explain in detail then they simply ask to stop eating tomatoes if you have a problem of Stones. But the problem lies only in the seed and skin and not in the flesh. If you remove the skin and seed then there is no problem. If you eat a piece like this then there will be no problem with the stones, you can easily consume it. Now the last and the master ingredient of this Salad, the Sprouts are remaining. Just tear them, break it with hands and mix it. Add a bit of Ginger so you keep getting little heat, a kick. And your Salad is ready.


You can use your creative mind apart from these varieties. So what additional should be added with these Salads to get the best results? I had shared Garbage juice with you, Green juice. The link is in the description box. You can take that just remember that it should be finished by noon 2 o’clock. And for night I had given Broth soup and some recipes and ideas with that, its link is in the description box. So if you take the combination of these 3 then you will have a good weight loss in a month.  Apart from this, whatever you are taking for lunch, continue taking it. You do not have to change it. Just keep in mind Breakfast, this juice and Dinner. You will notice a great difference in your body.


So do try this Salad and if you liked this information and recipes then do give a thumbs up to my video and do like it. Share it so that others too benefit from it. Add it to your playlist so that you can view it later. Subscribe to my channel so that you keep getting updates and upload in future. So this is it for today. I shall see you again with my next video with any recipe or information, till then BYE.

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