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Hi everyone, I am Dr. Shalini and I am a Naturopath. MD in Naturopathy. Naturopaths always treat their patients with natural ingredients. So the topic that I have brought today is a highly demanded one. Many people want to know about COCONUT and also because for the South Indians Coconut is their basic food and they regularly consume it. Also there is a lot of awareness about Coconut and people know that they can lose weight with Coconut.

Many people question and even I have heard people saying that they consume Coconut or its oil easily but they are unable to lose weight. So I have come with the DO’s and DON’Ts of COCONUT and how it should be consumed. What are the different products that you can take and how beautifully it can help in weight reduction inspite of being so tasteful and also the different benefits of Coconut. QUICK WEIGHT LOSS WITH COCONUT AND ITS DO’S AND DON’T’S. So we shall see as to what are the rules of consuming Coconut.

So first I will start with how a Coconut tree appears. Everyone knows that a Coconut tree looks like this. It is a very tall tree. And in that Coconut Water is the first thing to come, the Green Coconut water that is famous in South and everywhere else too. People drink to give a cooling effect to the stomach. But the time for taking Coconut water is before 12-1 pm because it is very high in Sodium. It is very beneficial but since sodium is very high so there is a tension of Water retention. But you cannot drink water of the Brown Coconut.

Apart from this the normal Green Coconut helps a lot in digesting Protein because I always tell you that the Tropical fruits which grow on the sea- shores has been made in such a way by the nature that what ever is available in the sea like fishes are very high in protein and when we consume them then the things provided by the nature at the side like Pineapple, Coconut, Banana raise the protein metabolic rate and hence whatever we have consumed from the sea is helped in being digested by the trees and plants from the sea shore.

From childhood you must have heard that the Cream of Green Coconut has fat in it so you should drink the water and throw the rest. Many people do not eat the cream that they will become fat. But the opposite happens. If you drink water then you due to the high sodium content you might get water retention and you will gain weight but if you only eat the cream then you will definitely lose weight. Whatever food you have eaten will be immediately digested. You start getting a different feeling and your stomach becomes empty. Do try once and see how high your metabolic rate gets.

So Coconut itself asks you to adopt it lovingly. And Coconut wants to see you very happy so it too is always happy. But if you ignore Coconut then it becomes very sad. I got these 2 photographs so I uploaded them. It’s quite funny but yes do accept Coconut and see its benefits. I will tell you how to use coconut and remain happy and make it happy too.

People suffering from Kidney or Bladder diseases for them Coconut is a very good thing. They can have it any form; they can take coconut water at the time suggested by me or raw coconut or coconut milk or coconut cream or coconut oil, basically any form of coconut is beneficial for them. Coconut cures all types of Kidney or Bladder infections. Infact if you drink the water of Green Coconut then the small stones too start breaking. It does happen with some process, only Coconut water cannot break the stones. But with some process like if you mix and drink raw bitter guard juice and coconut water 50-50 ml the 3.5 mm stones break and come out with the urine.

Coconut is very beneficial for people on Dialysis. You can add 1tbsp Coconut cream to your food.

If there is any Gall Bladder diseases like if you catch some infections, you frequently go to the washroom but are unable to pass urine/ stool, in such a situation Coconut milk or even the pure form of Coconut oil that you will make at home is very beneficial.

Coconut milk is a very good thing in itself. I will share with you the recipe of Coconut milk. I will explain the entire process of making coconut milk and coconut cream as well as the procedure to make coconut oil. But I will not be telling you all this today. Today I will let you the benefits of coconut because if I start you about all that then the video will become very lengthy. So I will have to continue that series.

Coconut milk can be easily consumed and coconut milk is very tasty too. People mostly prepare smoothie from coconut milk. As I had told you about Almond milk, you can replace it sometimes. You can mix both and take. Very tasty salads with Pineapple mixed in it can be made, which will raise your metabolic rate. I would like to tell you, what coconut milk does?  How coconut milk changes your life?

I had spoken about Citric Allergy, that if you get citric allergy then you get a problem of protein resistance, body does not respond and if you do not consume protein then there will not be weight loss or muscle build up and in such a situation there is possibility of regain. This does not happen in males. Many people write in my comment box and also below the comments of many females, do exercise and nothing happens with all this useless things. I have a question for such people. How will females who have gained weight and passed 2-3 deliveries exercise? Not possible. For them the best solution is to adopt a correct diet, lose weight and when the body becomes loose then the last option is to join the GYM. So even I say that. But this thing cannot be done initially.

In such situation Coconut helps you a lot. And people with even slightest of problem of water retention can take coconut milk with Cocoa powder. Actually Coconut milk is a good source of good fat which increases you Triglycerides and Good cholesterol and fights with Triglycerides. And the Coconut cream is a fiesta for you. You can make delicious ice-creams from it which you can never imagine. I was delaying the ice-cream video because I had to make the coconut video, this is the reason I did not upload the ice-cream video. Now I will definitely share the ice-cream video as I had to prepare the ice-cream with the combination of some ingredients.

Now let’s talk about coconut oil. Whatever coconut oil is available in the market even the organic one, if the quality is good then do take it. Coconut oil is considered to be a very good fatty acid which is very effective for your body because it is pure than the cream. Coconut oil gives strength to the body and aids in weight loss. But how is coconut oil extracted in the market? They grind the dry coconut in the mill. They grind is a lot and then squeeze to take out the oil from it or they take the help of plodder to squeeze out the oil from the coconut.

What ever is available in the market, I don’t about the organic one probably the might be adopting a different process but mostly they take out the oil from dry coconut. Hardly the raw coconut is used for taking out the oil. I have seen 1-2 videos of Kerela where they use raw coconut to take out the oil and that is a very healthy fat. You can do that at home. I will definitely share the recipe of taking out coconut oil at home and seriously this is a real fatty acid which helps you to loose weight effectively and makes you healthy because it has been taken out from raw coconut.

Now let’s talk about the intake. You must take 1 tsp 3 times a day. When I advised this my personal patients then some of them told me that they are using it but are unable to lose weight. And that coconut must not be suiting them. Just see the procedure. When I asked them the method of consumption then they told me that they cook food in coconut oil. NO. This is the mistake. As the temperature of Clarified Butter and coconut oil rises above 70 degrees, it becomes fat. The third thing is Cheese, the cheese slice that you eat or the mozzarella cheese if eaten as it is then that will help you in weight loss but as you prepare pizza of it then that will be the reason for your weight gain, because that become the different form of fat which cannot be digested. Always keep this in mind.

So whenever you consume coconut oil follow the procedure of adding 1 tsp to your prepared vegetable or pulses when they are hot. You must have noticed that if you take coconut oil in your palms then it starts melting with the heat of the palms. So when you add it to hot vegetables or chapattis, it melts. If the temperature goes above 70 degrees the coconut oil will convert into fat. So you cannot use it for seasoning because in pot its temperature increases to 200-300 degrees and there is no benefit left behind apart from this that it becomes fat. You might feel coconut oil tasty but it is of no use. So keep in mind that whenever you consume coconut oil it should always be added to cooked food. Some people add coconut oil to the desserts too. If you whip coconut oil with little water it gets a flavor of cream. So you can eat coconut oil like that but do not heat coconut oil.

Clarified butter too has the same formula that you cannot use it for seasoning. If added to hot things there will be tremendous benefits but as it is heated then the opposite thing starts happening. So remember that Clarifying butter and Coconut oil, the temperature of both should be below 70 degrees.

Now let’s talk of something new that you must not be knowing.  This is a very surprising thing. This is the peel of coconut. Generally we use the inside stuff.  In Thailand it has a very special recipe. They boil the peels and extract Gelo out of it just like Gelatin or Agar Agar. This is very high in Ascorbic acid, is rich in Vitamin C. it makes the immune system very strong and promotes weight loss more than anything else. They prepare sweets out of it by mixing jiggery and call it Kantan or Konjac. They break the peels and immerse in water after washing them and allow them to soak overnight and then boil them for 3-4 hours then they separate the peels and throw them. The leave the water to cool and after coming to room temperature the water turns into Gelo. Then they keep the Gelo in moulds and then cut them in the shape of sweets and sell them. I had seen this on TV, 3-4 years back. But its result is very good. It helps to lose weight very easily and it is a regular sweet of the Thai people.

Just as I talk about Agar agar, you can try this too. I will not give its recipe as it is very lengthy and I am just giving you an idea. I have not made this but tasted it. Someone known to me told me that it has a nutty flavor. He had returned from Thailand so I had asked him whether he had eaten this. Then he told me. So you can try, probably you can get its recipe on you tube. But yes I know that it promotes very good weight loss. It is very high in protein. Coconut is very high in protein so it is very good for you; whatever Calcium and Protein you get from milk can easily be had by consuming any product of Coconut. So this was information for today. The rest whatever I have told you about its milk, cream, oil, I will be sharing their recipes shortly so don’t get worried.

So concentrate on this video and understand it properly and add it to your life and if you liked the information on coconut then do like my video. Give it a thumbs up. Share it so that others too can benefit from it. Add it to your playlist so that you can view it later. Subscribe to my channel if you have not done so, so that you keep getting updates of future uploads. I shall see you again in my next video with any recipe, information, skin care or hair care. Till then BYE

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