Quick Weight loss with POTATOES & 23 Health Benefits

Hi everyone! I’m Dr. Shalini and I’m a Naturopath (M.D. in Naturopathy). A Naturopath treats their patients with natural remedies.

So today I’ll be sharing tips on how you can lose weight with Potato. I’ll talk in detail about the health benefits and do’s and don’ts of it. There are many health benefits of Potato but the main benefit about which people often search, those benefits I’ll discuss today. Also I’m going to clear many doubts and myths regarding Potato. People have misconception that potato is not good for health at all. But contrary to that, if potato has anything, it only has positive health affect on our body. The picture that you see is that of a potato that I grew at home in a pot. From which I was able to get 3 potatoes with lots of hard work. So you can call it 100% organic potato. However, please note that there is nothing called ‘Organic’. Any vegetable that we get from farmers or grocery store and are grown on farm are all organic. Please don’t fall for this fancy and viral word ‘Organic’ and think that if the food is labeled as ‘Organic’ then it’s definitely good. It’s nothing like that.

So let’s talk about Potato. Potato is very good for the heart health, because it helps reduce cholesterol.

It has vitamin B3, which fights cholesterol, triglyceride and bad cholesterol. Have you ever noticed when there is excessive oil in our curry; we put boiled mashed potato into it to balance the excess oil, because it absorbs the oil. In fact in China and Japan, potato starch is known as oil absorber or fat absorber and they consume it a lot. So potato has many health benefits, in short it’s good for heart as well as our entire body.

It is a good source of vitamin A, which is excellent for eyes. Iron is also found in Potato but that is in red ones. As we all know there are many varieties of potatoes. The more dark or red in color the more iron content it has. And if the potato is old and turned purple in color then please never throw it away, it is full of protein. So it is very good for eyes, blood and for blood flow.

It has Vitamin C in it. Vitamin C in itself is an antibiotics. Vitamin C fights ageing process, prevents many diseases by making the body healthy.

It has Calcium so it is good for the body. If the potato is starchier, it means it has more calcium content.

Next, it has magnesium which is good for people who have hormonal related problems; such as Thyroid patients and also people who often experience muscle problem or muscle pull, for them potato is very good. So as you age, you should definitely include potato in your diet.

Apart from that, it helps in controlling blood pressure whether it is high or low, it helps in both the cases, and so boiled potato should be taken for that.

Potato helps in a great deal in generating eggs in females. Like I said previously in my Garbage Juice video that any root vegetable helps in strengthening our roots that is reproductive system, our core. Potato is also a root vegetable so it definitely aides in making roots strong. Also women who have egg related problems such as having loose eggs, eggs getting damaged or generating bigger eggs in size, or unable to generate egg, so for them boiled potato, water from boiled potato or potato juice is very useful. Once you start consuming this, you will see good results in formation of your eggs; your sex life will improve. Actually egg and sexual life are co-related, this however is a vast topic but for now let me just stress upon the fact that if your sexual life is healthy then you won’t face issues with your egg. When sexual life is not good then the eggs start getting damage, because the sexual frustration does not help the eggs to grow.

Potato is very good for kidney stone. I’m talking about the baby potatoes that we get. Those potatoes are very useful in treating kidney stone, you can have it boiled or fried any way but it must be consumed with skin. This will definitely help you.

Baby potatoes are useful for the people suffering from chronic constipation. No matter how worse the constipation may be, these baby potatoes really give relief.

Now let’s come to the weight loss part of potato, as to how it can help you lose weight.

It has potassium, which in itself is a miracle mineral. People who suffer from water retention, or bloat easily or are advised by doctor for less intake of salt because of excessive sodium in the body, they can benefit from it. Often some people experience bloating or swelling in the morning for them potassium is important. As you age, potassium is a must in your diet because potassium helps balance sodium in the body. That’s why when there is excess salt or oil in our curry or stew we often resort to boiled potato, simply because it balances salt.

It has Vitamin B complex. Vitamin B comprises of all the B series of vitamins such as 1, 3, 6, 9, 12, almost all of them. It has Vitamin B12 because it is a root. Remember B12 aides in making our body healthy from head to toe. And moreover, if you have the entire range of vitamins in your body, you start losing weight quickly and easily. And people who suffer from Cholesterol or triglyceride, for them Vitamin B3 is very important so consuming potatoes will definitely help them, provided potatoes are boiled or baked but never fried.

It cures all the stomach diseases. Cures swelling since it balance sodium. It increases the metabolic rate. People who have low metabolic rate or who struggle to lose weight or to burn fat, for them potato is very beneficial. Start consuming potato in the morning in your breakfast and also at night in your dinner. This will increase your metabolic rate even when you are asleep in the night.

It has the power to activate the hidden protein. Potato itself does not contain protein though.  In the morning our body requires 30 gm protein. 100 gm potato only has 4 gm protein in it. Like I said earlier it activates the protein, so if you consume it in a combination of starch and protein then the weight loss becomes really easy and very fast. Direct protein is not active whereas when combined with potato it activates and gives a much necessary jerk needed for losing weight.

Besides this, it has Alpha lipoic acid, which converts the glucose into energy. We have often heard that diabetic patients are prohibited to eat potato. This is just a myth, and believe me all you diabetic patients can consume potato without fear. I tell you why, the extra glucose that is produced in the diabetic patient’s body, because of the Alpha Lipoic acid present in it will convert it very easily into energy. It is useful for Type 2 Diabetes also. Please note that this vegetable is safe and not at all dangerous for the body. Plus the Alpha Lipoic acid is beneficial for ladies also, as they do not do very physical work at home. So this will surely help you lose weight but please remember that if you intake the water used for boiling potato at anytime in the day. But please take it daily then it will surely benefit you. For example, take 2 potatoes, boil it and consume the water and make potato salad from boiled potatoes, you can eat it in breakfast, lunch and dinner as well. Basically there is a 2 days, 3 days diet plan in which you can consume potatoes entire day in different meals for weight loss. If you guys want then I will definitely share this diet plan with you all.

The juice and starch of potato both have the power to activate collagen. This means that if potatoes are consumed daily, you gain maximum health benefits from it.  Most of the time we hear that potatoes are unhealthy, it sure will harm you if you eat it fried and unhealthy manner. For best results, potato needs to be boiled and if you want to add it into the curry then make sure to first boil it and then add it to the curry or even stir fry.  For the people who are older and want to tighten the skin, collagen has to be active. Consuming potato can help you have a tighter and younger looking skin with beautiful elasticity if consumed in a right way.

Potato has an additional element, which is zinc. Zinc improves your skin and hair both. So certainly, this is very beneficial. And you can eat the potatoes in a lot of different variety. You can make salad in different ways daily. Can bake it, or make a potato mash. Usually I recommend my patients to have an oven instead of a microwave as oven is a healthier choice. Make a potato soup. Potato soup is not only tasty but also very useful; the soup I’m talking about makes you lose weight very fast. If you guys want, I will share the potato soup recipe as well.

During our childhood, when our grandma used to cook on charcoal oven, we used to put potatoes into it and eat it just for fun and we used to be healthy. So even today if we follow the same thing and bake potato, baking helps seal the minerals of it and then if you eat it, it works best. For that matter, you can even eat baked finger chips. Try making potato stew combined with any green vegetable which again is very healthy. If you want any of these recipes, then do let me know in the comment section.

Potato noodles are also available in the market. You can make these noodles at home also. If you want the recipe then please let me know in the comment section. But there has to be more than 200 requests for it in the comment section, only then can I make a video on it.  As and when I upload the videos on any of these recipes, I will also share the link of this video in the description box.

Now for people, who want to gain weight, they can eat it fried or deep fried. But again this will not benefit them as much, so they can add the potatoes in curry and consume. Apart from this, if you have added carb with your potato curry then you will start gaining weight very fast. Carb as in, eating roti, naan, bread or chapatti with potato; it helps you gain weight. So whoever wants to gain weight eat potato with roti chapatti etc and those of you who are aiming at losing weight, eat it boiled or baked with rice and it will help you lose faster. So always remember, starch and starch will lose your weight and carb and starch will make you gain weight.  So guys go ahead and enjoy potatoes to the fullest but make sure to eat it in a right way as I have advised: boiled or baked.

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