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Hi everyone, I am Dr. Shalini and I am a Naturopath. MD in Naturopathy. Naturopaths always treat their patients with natural ingredients. So today I have come with a magical vegetable, RADISH. And now this is the season of Radish and the market is full of it. So I felt that I should make the video on priority so that you can reap all the benefits of Radish and you also become aware how good it is for your health.  But if consumed in a wrong way then the same Radish which is a boon for you will react very badly in the body. So I will be explaining both the things in this video. Also I will be discussing about the seeds of radish. So you will get a total package on how you should consume this and add it in your life to get all the benefits from Radish.


The most important thing is that Radish is very high in Water content. So you can consider as a Negative calorie vegetable. Negative calorie is that which burns the same calorie to digest the food as much as it provides the body. Plus radish is such a vegetable which raises your metabolic rate to a great extent, especially the carb metabolic rate and the protein metabolic rate. So you must have noticed in any of the cultures around the world that whenever there is a food of protein or carb like Mooli parathe, radish is used a lot so that metabolic rate remains high. But if you add lemon to it then it will increase the citric allergy and those who do not have citric allergy will get it too.


Radish contains a lot of fibers. So it is very good in curing people with constipation problem. They must eat Radish. But it should be eaten before 2 pm. During winter if it gets foggy then Radish should be eaten before 1:30 pm and not after that.


Radish contains Riboflavonoids. This is very rarely found, it is found in Pumpkin, Yellow Capsicum and Zucchini.  All those who have undergone Chemotherapy or even the Cancer patients should eat all these. Those who have undergone Chemotherapy should eat Radish, Pumpkin, Yellow capsicum, Zucchini and Carrots. Make them a part of your lifestyle. You can prepare their soups or dips or even use them in salads. It should be in your life only then you will get rid of the reactions of chemotherapy.


Radish contains Potassium. So the things containing Potassium should not be given the support of Sodium. Like Banana contains Potassium so it should not be eaten with salt. Similarly salt should not be added to radish for consumption. It should be eaten plain as it is and should not be brought in contact with lemon often. The pickle recipe that I had shared with you sometime back, in that too there was nothing sour added. It was simply fermented mustard due to which it becomes very beneficial. But in that it is better to add Pink salt or Sea salt instead of Normal Salt. In that way, it will be very beneficial. But if you want to eat plain Radish then it should be eaten without salt.


Radish contains COPPER, so I have already spoken so many times that it will help the body in absorbing the Hemoglobin. The leaf of Radish contains Vitamin B6. So never throw the leaves. Cut it from the roots as it is very important. You can make its dips, vegetables or wash it properly and add it to your salads. If you make any juice then you can add in it. But do not throw it. You can use this as per your taste but the leaves contain Magnesium. The leaves are very important for those having problems during their Periods or even in Depression. During periods you can use the leaves to prepare vegetables. During Monthly cycle you need to cook and eat. It is a very important thing during your Menopause. This is a treasure so do not throw it.


It contains Manganese which increases the metabolic rate. When you see any leaf infected just tear and throw them. Try to get fresh ones but if you do not get it then you can then just tear them off, wash them properly, chop them finely and then coo and eat them. And if the leaf is fresh then you can eat it in salads. But the entire stem and leaf is very important for your health. So do not throw them.


The leaves of Radish repair your Muscles. It has the same function as the leaves of coriander. But it refreshes you during day time as well. The stem of Coriander helps you after you sleep but Radish leaf helps you during the day while you are working.


Apart from this the roots that are present below the Radish is also very important. The leaves and the roots that are present on the tip should always be used as they save from all types of Cancer. The infections that you get in the intestine due to which cancer occurs, Pancreatic juice is not generated and irritation is so high that it causes colon cancer in such situation it helps a lot. So you must keep it. Add it to your curry, prepare juice or dips. Wash it properly and use it.


All this I am telling for chemo people, who already have cancer for them I am telling that root is very important. The leaves of Carrot, the leaves of Radish and the roots that come out on the below portion are all very important for any type cancer patients.


Plus the root balances the Nitrogen Urea. Root improves your Creatinine level due to which Kidney stones do not occur. It balances you Uric acid due to which your kidney does not fail and you do not go on Dialysis. So people on Dialysis too should not ignore the roots of Radish, keep the roots as well as this vegetable. Even keep the leaves of Radish and use it in your lives.


Since Radish is cold in nature so it seems that Radish will always give a cold effect to your body and there will be cramps in the body. But this is not true. Radish helps in reducing all the allergy of the body easily. Cancer is caused due to an irritation, allergy and radiation in the body so it works very well on that. Infact, Carrot and Radish both works very well.


Radish also contains CALCIUM. But this is digestive calcium as it is often considered that excess of calcium causes stones in the body. But this is digestive calcium that does not pressurize the kidney. So it should be consumed daily in season.


Radish keeps the kidney healthy so those suffering from jaundice, if they pass proper urine and there is not problem in the urine and the pancreatic juice is generated very well and there is no dis balance and also if the pitta does not get hot then the jaundice will be cured itself. And during jaundice it is advised to eat lemon and Radish. But do not combine both as that will give rise to another problem.


Radish is very helpful for diabetes. Diabetics should always consume Radish in their salads in the morning during its season. If you have a problem of Water retention then cook and eat Radish. You can prepare vegetables of Radish. But do add Radish to your life to get its benefits.


You can consume the seeds of Radish too in diabetes. If you will ask then I will let you know how to prepare the powder for diabetes. Radish boost the immune system healthy. Some days back I had made pickle and I had told you that it cures citric allergy and boost the immune system. So it is not always that if you eat fruits only then your immune will be good. You get the strength to fight diseases. In fact, problem like Arthritis too gets cured by Radish,the seeds of Radish and by the juice of Radish.


In Asthma, Radish provides a cooling effect. But you will not take it directly. You can take the seeds; the pickle. I shared can be taken. They are sour but that is natural sourness, fermented. Many people had complained that their pickle get spoils. Actually that is not spoilt; it has just fermented so that is the fermented smell.


Radish is very good for Piles as well as for all the Urinary disorder, if there is any itching or any type of burning in the urine, this is very helpful. You can make a Drinks of it. Recently I had shared the pickle recipe. If you want then I will share the recipe of the drink in coming days, which will cover Asthma, Arthritis, Acidity, Piles and Urinary disorder. This drink has to be taken daily 50ml in the morning. So if you give me 200 comments then only I will upload this drink video as it is already prepared.


Apart from this I can share a lot of weight loss recipes of the seeds of Radish. A lot of powders can be made from this. But presently seeds are unavailable on any online sites. I have sent a mail and when they are available then I will surely share with you. If you need its powder recipe then you can write to me in the description box. All those who can get the seeds of this  from their local grocery shops or ayurvedic shops then do buy it and keep it in your pantry. I will be sharing its recipe in coming weeks. I will try my best that you get it online, currently only the plant seeds are available. So I will be trying and the day I get it I will share its recipe.


Presently you can use the benefits from the leaves of Radish and in case you want the recipe for the juice then do let me know. I will be providing the link for the pickle recipe. Do make it and try it. It is very tasty and it will take you out of lots of problems and will help you in fast weight loss.


If you require the written recipe of this video then logon to my website www.drshalini.com. There you will get written recipe both in English and Hindi, so do visit it. And for the juice recipe 200 comments are compulsory. And for the seeds you can comment in the comment box. Apart from this if you have any queries related to this video or any other problems then feel free to write, I will try my best to answer all of them.


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