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Hi everyone, I am Dr. Shalini and I am a Naturopath. MD in Naturopathy. Naturopaths treat their patients with natural ingredients. So today too I have come with a natural thing, the normal food that you eat. Today’s topic is RAMZAN/ RAMADAN DIET, where many people had demanded that they want to Lose Weight during this time. They do not want do gain weight as well as be unhealthy. How should they lose weight by staying fit?


So you will not lose a lot of weight. I will not commit for acute weight loss but you may lose around 10 pounds. People with problem of high Water Retention may lose more than 10 pounds but those with only fat will lose a little less because I work more on Water Retention so extra water from the body will reduce. And you will get slim along with staying fit and you will not feel weak during Ramadan, you will remain healthy and there will be no problems in between.


Apart from this I will also be discussing some tips which are unbelievable but trust it. Earlier too I had made a video on Ramdan, the link will be given in the description box, where you will find ways to save yourself from thirst.


So first I shall start with what you need to take early in the morning.


You need to soak 1tbsp FENUGREEK SEEDS a night before. Next day you need to have 1tsp of Fenugreek seeds first thing in the morning. Since it is soaked so will not cause vomiting or you will get pimples or even your stomach will get hot. Nothing of this sort will happen.


After that you will take 3 DATES. Dates should be sticky and sweet. It is very important to have it before starting your day. People with Diabetes, Acidity and Hypertension should eat Dates only.


For people with Fat and Water Retention problem can have SWEETS. You can have Peda, Laddu, Rice Laddu, Wheat Flour Laddu, Gram Flour Laddu.


I will also let you know why these sweets are important. You do not eat anything in the afternoon during Ramadan. In such a situation it is very important for your body to have a kick. This is not for always, when you are following a full Diet then you cannot have these. But for this time it is important because your body requires sugar and you eat this very early in the morning around 5am or 6am.


But keep in mind that you cannot eat Rasgulla, Jalebi and Boondi. Whatever is laced with extra sugar, you cannot have that as you will not be able to fight with a lot of Sugar Syrup. You cannot drink any Sweet Syrup. This has to be kept in mind. But Sweets are very important to be consumed in the morning if you seriously you want to lose weight and remain healthy.


People with Diabetes, PCOS or those who are Breast Feeding or even those who are Pregnant can take MANGO SMOOTHIE. I will be giving a lot of recipes and information in the description box, so you can have a look there. But remember, Pregnant ladies cannot take Pineapple Smoothie. All those who are normal can take Pineapple Smoothie with Chia Seeds. So this too is one option.


You cannot take any type of JUICES, whatever types I have discussed, Red Juice or Green Juice. If you take Juice so early in the morning, then it will cause you to Bloat, Lower part of your Tummy will swell, you will have a problem of toilet throughout the day and you may experience pain in the Uterus. If you are a Male, then you will have body pain and you will gain weight due to Water Retention and your face will become heavy.  


I am providing 2-3 options for BREAKFAST. So save this video as you will have to watch it again and again as there are so many options.


So the first option is KIDNEY BEANS CHAAT. You will have to boil the Kidney Beans. In this I have added Onion and Coriander Leaves. This is a photograph sent by one of my patients. In this we will not add Cucumber as sun has not risen during this time. So if you eat Cucumber and tomato, then you will get Bloating. You can even get Cough and you will be pushed towards Weight Gain. So you can add all the basic ingredients like Ginger or even if you want Garlic. And if you simply keep Onion, Green Chilly and Coriander leaves, then it is the best thing to start your day.


Next option is BOILED EGGS. You cannot make its Omelet early in the morning. You will have to boil and have only the Egg White. This is 3 Eggs White. Yolk will create a problem if taken before sunrise so you will only take Egg White. You may get Acidity. Those who do not have this problem will also get it. This can be taken by PCOS, Thyroid and Diabetes patients as well.


Next is PARATHA. This also is a very good option. You can have 1 or 2 Parathas along with vegetables. You can also have it with the Curry Leaves Chutney or Flax Seeds Chutney. It is very important to have carbohydrate to stay alive and so you cannot ignore it. But when you are fasting then it gets very difficult if you take things like Naan or Roti. If after fasting the whole day you consume things made of wheat flour, you will bloat. Your tummy will swell be it male or female. And you will keep burping and will get gas throughout the night. So try to avoid having Naan, Samosa or Dumplings at night. But you can have these things for Breakfast. Roast it on griddle and then remove it and apply Clarified Butter and whatever is your Diet, you can have it. No need to have extra.


Next is COTTAGE CHEESE and PEANUT CHAAT and you can have 100ml TEA.


Apart from this you can take GREEN GRAM CHEELA. Soak Green Gram and grind and prepare its Cheela. You can also prepare Chaat of the same Green Gram as I told you by adding onion and coriander.


You can have CHAAT of MOTH DAL.


You can also have WHOLE RED LENTIL. You have to soak it, boil it and then prepare its Chaat.




You can also have POTATO CHAT. But keep in mind that in Potato you will have to add COTTAGE CHEESE and PEANUTS.


Apart from this you can also have only PEANUTS CHAAT. You can add Capsicum but not Tomatoes.


Only in Potatoes as I mentioned, if you are allergic or have a problem with carbs, then you can add PEANUTS, DRY FRUITS, WALNUTS.


Apart from this you can also have POHA. But it is important to add COTTAGE CHEESE and PEANUTS to Poha. You cannot have Poha without them.


After taking FENUGREEK then SWEETS or DATES and any of these meals, you need to remember that when you start your first fast, then you have to take the water that I had mentioned the way of preparing it either by using the powder or curd, so that you are able to fight your thirst throughout the day. It is very important to have 1 GLASS of that WATER.


Do prepare ALMOND MILK as that is very important, you will get its link in the description box. When you take the Sweet in the morning then along with it you can take 200ml of Almond Milk. But if you are preparing a shake, then instead of Almond Milk add whole Almonds. And that is a very important step for you.


After this you will fast for the entire day and then again you will start in the EVENING. Let’s discuss that now.


But before that I would like to ask you to prepare and keep 2-3 options of MILK. It is better if you do not take the normal milk (cow milk or buffalo milk) because during fast they cause allergy. Even if you are habituated, then switch either to Almond Milk or Coconut Milk. That too is very good option to prepare. If you want, then I will share its recipe.


So we will start the evening again by taking 1tsp FENUGREEK SEEDS with water.


Then you can take DATES. People with Diabetes can take Dates or Dates Shake.


Do add CHIA SEEDS. Soak 1tbsp in 100ml water and then add it to any shake. That is very important for you when you come out of the entire day’s fast.


Apart from that you can take COCONUT or ALMOND MILK.


You can opt for DATES SHAKE, but it is important to add CHIA SEEDS.


You should always have DRY FRUITS with you, so that you can keep munching.


I will be sharing the recipe of JUICE as you will be dehydrated with the entire day’s fast. This is BEETROOT JUICE. Boil Beetroot and then you can blend it in blender and prepare its juice. People with Diabetes will take the juice that I mentioned for the morning and in the evening they have to take the powder compulsorily so that their sugar does not get disbalance because fasting is not suitable for Diabetics but if you have to do it then you need to keep somethings in mind.


After DATES, SHAKE and JUICE, those who have the habit of drinking TEA can have it. With Tea you must take ROASTED SNACKS, like roasted peanuts and if you are taking walnuts, then it should not be roasted. You can have 1 or 2 walnuts. You can also take almonds. These support you very well with Tea. And those who have not taken anything can take figs, almonds and 1 walnut.


You can also take COTTAGE CHEESE and PEANUTS.


But you will have to take FENUGREEK SEEDS before Dinner because water and sugar get disbalanced during the day.


You can take 6 EGG WHTES for Dinner. You will only add BLACK PEPPER to it and no salt. People allergic to Black Pepper, do not add it.


Whatever options I am giving you, you need to choose any one of them, not all.


You can take WHOLE BENGAL GRAM CHAAT by adding CARROT to it or you can add COTTAGE CHEESE and PEANUTS. You can take Whole Bengal Gram in the morning as well, it is very good option.


You can also have GRAM FLOUR CHEELA. You do not have to take Carb and also it should not be fried.


You can have KIDNEY BEANS AND RICE. It is a very good thing if you want to have heavy food at night.


You can also eat CHICKEN BIRYANI with less spices. And keep in mind that you are taking starch, the you can have POTATO PATTY. You can mix Chicken in it.


Here I want to show you a fault. This has been sent by my patient. With Chicken there is Salad. When you eat Roasted or Tandoori Chicken, then you take Salad with it. This is the biggest mistake; you should never do this. You start Bloating that time only. If you do this at night, then it is very wrong but if you do this in the afternoon, then it is fine. Never eat Salad with Dinner.


In its place you can opt for STEAM CHICKEN or even TANDOORI CHICKEN. There is no problem in eating heavily spiced Chicken. You can take CHICKEN CURRY, but do not take Carb with it. You can also take FISH; roasted/ boiled/ fried. You can go for fried Chicken Steak, there is no rule that you have to take only baked items.


Oil is very important during evening so that the body can heal at night.


People with Intestine Problem should take SOUP. This is POTATO SOUP. I will give you the recipe of BROTH SOUP, in that you can add boiled and mashed potatoes. Apart from that you can also add TOFU to it. COTTAGE CHEESE can also be added. It will be necessary to add chopped CORIANDER LEAVES. You can add chopped BOILED EGGS, SOYA NUGGETS, CHICKEN. You can add different types of VEGETABLES to it along with potato and eggs.


If you do not want to take soup, then you can prepare BOILED EGG MASALA by adding Onion and Coriander leaves.


You can prepare TOMATO SOUP. But it is very important to add CORIANDER as it will repair you the entire night. You can add lots of VEGETABLES and prepare soup. This too is very good.


You can also prepare BROTH SOUP and add WHOLE BENGAL GRAM to it.


If nothing else is possible, then prepare LENTILS with Coriander Leaves.


Now finally talk about what to do Before Sleeping, late night. Till now you have eaten by 8:30-9:00pm, after that if you feel hungry, then you can have PROTEIN LADDU. When you eat this, you will not feel hungry late in the night. So this is a very good option that if you are sleeping by 10pm or 11pm then you can have a Laddu. But keep in mind that you should eat it ½ an hour before sleeping, do not eat it and go to sleep. And along with the Laddu you can take ALMOND MILK. This will make your body very strong. 


So during the entire fast you will never have a feeling that you are getting weak. There is another very good option, that from COCONUT AND ALMOND MILK, you can make ICE CREAM by adding Molasses. You can make it just like that too. If you want, then I will share its recipe. You can have this Ice Cream with nuts late at night, guilt free. It is very tasty and you will never feel that you are gaining calories. You will be losing weight even after eating this. And after 1 month you will look very beautiful.


My goal is that you should remain fit and healthy and do not skip any day in the fast even if you are suffering from any disease, you will easily go through the Ramdan Diet. And the water that I told you, specially the Acidity patients should take it twice a day, first before starting the fast and in the evening after breaking the fast. By taking this water you will not face any problems and you will not feel thirsty as well. You will get the link in the description box. Do watch t as it is important for you.


In this video, I have discussed 8 styles that you will have for Breakfast and Dinner. Listen to it carefully and follow it because it is the Diet till 12’o clock. After 12’o clock some people feel hungry and they message me that they have to stay awake the entire fast. In such a situation you can only take ½ tsp PEANUTS be it male or female or you can take ALMONDS and that too 5 pieces in the entire night. You cannot take more than that if you want to stay healthy during the fast and next day you do not want to feel thirsty and get Acidity. You will have to follow this rule. There is no Diet for the entire night that will help you in weight loss and make you fit.


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