RANG jo apki JINDAGI badal de – RED Colour

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Who will Avoid Red Colour & What to avoid? 

1) Pimples
How to and where : T shirts, Blouse, Ear-ring, Hanky
2) New Mother
How to and where: Blouse,Shirt, Light, Foods – Fruits & vegetables.
3) Sexually unsatisfied
How to and where : Panty
4) UTI
How to and where:  Painted, Paint, Food – red)
5) Hot :- Pitt Disha (stay away any red
How to and where : Only pomegranate is good)
6) Short tempered
How to and where :  Cloth, bedroom,bed sheet, table cloths, sofa,paint
7) Hot flash
How to and where : Red chili, tomato,cloths)
8) High blood pressure
How to and where : Red home interior, Cutlries 
Who will Add Red Colour & How:
1) Asthma
Red bra, under garment, beet root, agarwood, ratanjot
2) Arthritis
Red oil, red light, garnet stone
3) Low blood pressure
Red chili, cloths, red Ruby, red infuse water
Ratan jot, Katha, strawberry, pomegranate,carrot
5) In love
Red Ruby, Rose quartz, strawberry, pomegranate,red dress

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