Tummy Tuck Tea | Kalonji Tea – पेट की चर्बी ख़त्म करने में कारगर

Tummy Tuck Tea | Kalonji Tea – पेट की चर्बी ख़त्म करने में कारगर है ये

See bottom of the article for Details of INGREDIENTS & its measurement

Hi everyone, I am Dr. Shalini and I am a Naturopath. MD in Naturopathy. Naturopaths always treat their patients with natural ingredient. Today I have come with TUMMY TUCK SUMMER DRINK. This will easily help in Tucking the Tummy. You all always mention in the comment box that you have Lost Weight but the Tummy Tuck has not happened and you still have Muffin Top. So this Drink is the answer for that which is made from easily available ingredients.

This will aid in Weight Loss too but if you are already Slim, then it will only help in Tummy Tuck. Natural ingredients can never make you underweight. This drink can be had in any type of disease as well, be it PCOS, PCOD, Hot Flashes, Menopause, Thyroid, Hormonal Problem, Diabetes, High BP, Low BP, you can be of any age, after 12 years of age you can take this drink till the high age of 70 years. The patients of Arthritis have a lot of pain in their joints, this Drink will be helpful in that too. It will also help the patients of Asthma in Breathing properly. It will be useful in Migraine as well. So this is not only for Slimming, it is all-purpose.

But before starting with this Drink, I would like to inform you all that I have already uploaded 3 videos in Q & A with Dr. Shalini. There is treatment for Open Pores, Pack for Pimples and a Charcoal Face wash. So all those who haven’t seen them will get the link in the Description Box and Pin Comment Box of my video. I am providing the Link for my video here, https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=dr+shalini.

Now let’s talk about the Drink.


  • The first ingredient of this Tummy Tuck Tea is CUMIN SEEDS. It is very important for Slimming, make the Stomach cool, Increasing the Digestion, decreasing the Acidity and making the Mind relaxed. I had made a video on Cumin Seeds, in which I had explained in detail. In all my Slimming Powder or any such things, I make it a point to add Cumin Seeds so that it can provide a proper support.

So here I am boiling 1-Liter Water and then I am adding 1tbsp Cumin Seeds. I will be boiling it for 5 minutes so that Cumin Seeds infuse properly. Before preparing this Drink always keep in mind that cumin Seeds should be the first ingredients.

  • The next ingredient for this Tummy Tuck Tea is NIGELLA SEEDS, which is a very beneficial thing. Never ignore Nigella Seeds. Always try to add it to your lifestyle. If you are anything which contains Gluten or consuming any Heavy Food, then Nigella Seeds provides a very good place to the Intestine for Digestion. Nigella Seeds have the strength to set the Intestine and fight with Cancer But most importantly it has the strength to fight Bloating which is very important for Slimming.

It controls the extra water that accumulates in the body due to intake of extra Sugar and Sodium or due to the exertion of the body. It gets rid of your Body Ache. Sometimes you are unaware but due to extreme exertion or problems, excess of fluids gathers in the body, which I refer as Mucous. When the mixture of Sugar and Salt starts accumulating in your body and stays in it for 21 days, then that gets converted into fat. And in order to dissolve it, you will have to struggle for 2-3 months.

So it is very important that if you are making this Tummy Tuck Tea, then do add Nigella Seeds. I am adding 1 tbsp here.

  • The next ingredient of this Tummy Tuck Tea is FENNEL SEEDS. I had made a video on this too and shared the recipe of its infused Tea which helps in Weight Loss, and gets rid of many problems. But the biggest problem is that you cannot have cold Fennel Seeds Water if you are suffering from Cough or you have Mucous in your Body or any type of fluid accumulation. I have come across many messages where people complain that they got Bloating when they drank fennel Seeds Water. So you will get Bloating if you drink cool Fennel Seeds Water. Fennel Seeds are very beneficial for Slimming. As I have told you earlier as well that Fennel Seeds aids in your Digestion.

Fennel Seeds contain a very good thing, Histidine Amino Acid. What does Histadine do? It enters your Intestine and gives a signal to your body to distribute all the food that it takes and digest it easily. So it is a very important thing for Students as well as the ageing people. Tummy Tuck Tea sharpens the Mind too.

So what are the Anti-Oxidants that you keep hearing about? Oxygen enters the Brain and the Brain gives a signal to the body to work properly. So Fennel Seeds indirectly signals the Brain that body has to work properly. Therefore, if body works properly then it will remain fit, this means that there will be no Bloating and your Tummy will Tuck and you will go towards Slimming. But do remember that after adding Fennel Seeds, you cannot have this Drink cold. Those who have Cough will drink it as Tummy Tuck Tea whereas those who suffer from heat in the stomach will have it Lukewarm.

  • The next ingredient of this Tummy Tuck Tea is GINGER. I have taken 1-inch piece and grated it. The main job of Ginger is to get rid of Allergy from the body. So Bloating too gives a problem of Allergy. You will get Bloating if you have Allergy. Ginger has a very good role in making Anti-Body. Ginger is very helpful for Arthritis and people with Hormonal Problems. I will not repeat again and again that it is good for Cancer. But if you take this Drink then even if there is a possibility of getting Cancer or people undergoing Chemo, for them this Drink is beneficial even if they do not want to Lose Weight.

We need to boil all the ingredients of this Tummy Tuck Tea for 5 minutes. Keep it covered and on low medium flame so that all of them infuse properly. It should not get converted into steam. Remove from fire after 5 minutes and allow to infuse a little more. This means that 1-Liter Water should be boiled only for 15 minutes. Then allow it to rest for 5 minutes and your Tummy Tuck Tea will be ready.  Now strain it and drink it.


1-Liter Tummy Tuck Tea will last for 2-3 days because I always recommend taking 150-300ml only. You must have it as per your capacity. This Drink should be taken once early in the morning and once before sleep. These 2 are compulsory. If you are feeling uncomfortable or Bloated, then you can have it ½ an hour after Lunch. It will benefit a lot. People with excess Bloating can keep their capacity high. If you take 150ml 3 times, then in a day you will consume 450ml. The first Drink will be before Breakfast. After that keep a gap of 10-15 minutes before taking anything else. And if you want to take it only once, then you can take 300ml around 12pm. You can very well add any other Tea with it, like Pink Tea or Yellow Tea.

People with weakness can opt for Immune Drink. That too gets rid of Bloating. Weakness too is taken care off. You can give it to your kids. Do not ignore it. And along with that you can take this Drink too. This will help you in curing all the problems of the bones but remember to have it warm. If you take it cold, then you will suffer from a lot of problems.

Only those who are hard-core non vegetarians can have this Tummy Tuck Tea Cold. Since they consume very high amount of Protein so their Intestine is already hot. But for the Vegetarians and those who eat less amount of Non Veg should not have it cold as it might be the reason of Cough for them, I am warning this beforehand. Many people are of the view that Cumin is hot in nature. This is not so, if you boil Cumin in water, it will always be cool natured. So do keep this in mind.

Do write in the comment box about the different things you require for Summer and the problems you all are facing. Even if I do not reply you, I do read your comments. YouTube has made the process of replying very tough. For answering each question, a box has to be opened. So sometimes it becomes problematic. But you keep writing as I read all your comments and try to respond to it so that you do not face any problems further.


So do follow this Tummy Tuck Tea and give me the result review in the coming video, as to how you liked it, how you felt and what result you got from it. If you liked my information recipe, then do Like it. Give it a Thumbs Up. Share it with your friends and family so that more and more people benefit from it. Add it to your Playlist so that you can watch it later. Subscribe to my channel if you have not done so, so that you keep getting updates of future uploads. Subscribe to my new channel, Q & A with Dr. Shalini, and watch the videos uploaded there. I shall see you again in my next video with any recipe, information, skin care or hair care. Till then BYE.


  1. Jeera (Cumin Seeds) : 1tb sp / 15 gm
  2. Kalonji (Nigella Seeds) : 1tb sp / 15 gm
  3. Saunf (Fennel Seeds) : 1tb sp / 15 gm
  4. Taaza Adrakh (Garden Fresh Ginger) : 1 inch / 20gm
  5. Paani (Water) : 1 litre

How to take:

150 ml thrice a day or 300 ml at Noon (In between 12pm – 1pm)

Note: The tea should be taken warm to hot

  1. Vegetarian should always take HOT (not warm)
  2. Weather Temperature is below 25*C then you should take it Hot
  3. For Hardcore Non-Vegetarian, this tea should be take Warm (not at all HOT)
  4. If Weather Temperature is more than 30*C, then every will take it WARM (not hot-without considering Veg-NonVeg criteria)

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11 thoughts on “Tummy Tuck Tea | Kalonji Tea – पेट की चर्बी ख़त्म करने में कारगर

  1. I have piles problem but blood does not come. only sometimes the flesh comes out of my anus. Can I use this drink as it contains “Adrak”?? Pls reply.

  2. Hello doctor…can we take it as an alyernate for orange or yellow tea…. like after 1 month of taking orange tea …..we will start this for 1 month & then again orange or yellow tea?

  3. Hi, thanks for answering my query in live chat. Yellow tea 1 suited me, now I can go for either orange tea or kalongi tea?

  4. Dear Ma’am, First of all i would like to thank you very much that you are making such a wonderful & beneficial videos for all. As i have fat on my belly and breast. so i m going to use your tummy tuck tea. i want to know that after making the tea, we can use the used ingredient , if yes then how. And i can restore this tea in freeze for 2-3 day.
    Thanks and please reply

  5. Hello Dr Shalini I need ur help . Can I get ur ph no plz I need to talk to u . I want personal diet from u . I searched ur weight lose centre in Andheri bt didn’t find . would u plz talk to me over the phone I would be very grateful to u . plz

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