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Hi everyone, I am Dr. Shalini and I am a Naturopath. MD in Naturopathy. Naturopaths always treat their patients with natural ingredients. So today I have come with the most painful disease, which is very painful, URIC ACID. Whoever gets Uric Acid they are in such a situation where in any Gatherings or parties can they neither laugh nor cry. Be it morning or evening this is very painful. Inside the body it is prominent and people can feel it but when it grows it comes out of the body and takes the shape of a boil.

So how to recognize Uric Acid? First I will let you know this and the causes of Uric Acid are important for you to know. So first I will let you know the causes of Uric Acid.



You must be aware that whenever we eat food and it goes inside our body then in order to digest the food or for the body to absorb it we should have a good metabolic rate. Metabolism is of many types: Carb, Sugar, Starch and Protein. Carb and Sugar is the same thing. In such a situation whoever has or can have the problem of Uric Acid for them the Sugar and Protein metabolism are at a very low level. Depending on their levels the level of Uric Acid increases.

So if Uric Acid is increasing it means that in your body the level of heat, toxins and acid is very high. It takes the shape of a crystal. If you see it seems like long crystallized sticks, which appear transparent and freeze between the bones. And if that keeps on increasing then the bones get distorted and sometime Gout occurs. People often say that Uric Acid is Gout but that is not true.


Gout is when Uric Acid increases a lot and the bones get distorted. But if you get Gout then consider that the acid will go on increasing and become a boil on the top layer of the skin and the skin will start decaying. And this is very painful. It occurs in legs and hands only. There are very low chances of happening anywhere else.



How to recognize Uric Acid? Whoever has not done the blood test if you have a lot of pain in your shoulders specially right side shoulder just like a cramp or when you get up in the morning you feel a pull or below your feet you have a feeling of stones piercing or any stones getting inside your feet while walking and you are unable to keep your feet on the ground or you may feel like nails piercing in the palms of your hands, then in all these situation you must be cautioned that you may have Uric Acid.

The most dangerous thing to happen when you get Uric Acid which people are not aware of sometime and they are quiet is that you will get Diabetes but the chances of getting a Stroke is very high. You may not have high Cholesterol but will get a Heart Attack. You must have heard that there was no problem of Cholesterol and all of a sudden started feeling uneasy and had a Heart Attack. And in that condition it is very hard to get help because B.P shoots up. It is difficult to control B.P in Uric Acid. Once the B.P is high there is Heart Stroke and most of the times it leads to death.


Diabetes as I have told you is insulin resistant.  In Uric acid the Sugar metabolism gets very low. Along with it the Protein metabolism too dips. So now let’s talk about the cure of Uric Acid. I have told you how to recognize Uric Acid now let’s see how to cure it and listen to it carefully.



So first I will talk about steps to increase Protein metabolism and how to digest protein because if we remove sugar and protein from our lives then you cannot be alive, this is a very basic thing. Either you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian all the seeds like beans, kidney beans are all proteins. The pulses that you eat or the daal diet which I suggest are all protein. But when you get Uric Acid then all these things are strictly restricted. Because that will not only increase your body pain but will be a cause of Heart stroke.

In such a situation we should look for an option to increase it as one way is by exercise but the females who are over weight cannot exercise. So the first ingredient which I always ask you to choose is BLACK RAISINS or it is also called SULTANA at many places. Do keep in mind that it must have seeds. This is opened to show you and you can see the big sized seeds in it. These seeds will bring miracle to your life and Uric Acid too. This will change your life and this will raise your Protein metabolic rate and will also work on Sugar and Carb metabolism. So it is very important for you to find out the Black Raisins. You keep writing in the description box that you are unable to get it but that is not my problem if you want to cure your problem then find out from anywhere in the world the raisins with seeds.

Many times people sell the seedless variety but people with Uric Acid need the seeds of Black Raisins, which is also known as Grape seed. Grape seed extract is also available. If you are not able to get the raisins with seeds then you can take the extract instead of it which comes in the form of capsules. But they are very costly.  If Black Raisins is priced at 80 rupees for 200 gms then the extract is priced as 2500 for a bottle. So since it is a costly affair so I do not suggest it. If it is easily available then do take it so that it increases both your metabolic rates: Protein and Sugar. So whatever you intake, which has protein in it be it green protein or seed (plant protein is of 2 types one is green and the other is seed), you must be able to digest it even if you are a non vegetarian.

The next ingredient too helps a lot in increasing the Protein metabolic rate and that is PINE APPLE SHAKE with CHIA SEEDS. So you can see that this protein shake contains Chia seeds as well. Here I am talking about Chia seeds not of Sabja seeds or Basil seeds. So it is very important that you take Chia seeds.

The best way is to consume is this shake and the link for the recipe will be in the description box. So have a look at it and prepare it at home and take it in the morning as I have explained in the video. And you will see a lot of difference. Whatever I am telling you here or whatever I am claiming here as I say that Asthma cannot be fully cured but Uric Acid can be cured completely and I have more than 50 patients who have been cured. So that is why I am telling you that if you follow my suggestions then you will see the results yourself and this does not take a lot of time. It will hardly take you 1- 1 ½ months or maximum 2 months to completely be cured

The next ingredient is FENUGREEK SEEDS. It is very important in your life. You can just soak it at night and have it in the morning or you can eat its sprout or its salad whichever way you want but you should have it daily. There is a detailed video on how you should eat it. The link will be in the description box. Do check it out. If there is season of fresh fenugreek leaves then you can have it else you can have dried fenugreek leaves. But people with acidity should avoid dried fenugreek leaves. Even if you add it to your food then acid will be formed as it is of a very hot nature. So you can consume green fenugreek leaves either with potatoes or you can make parathas. But if you are taking seeds then that is the best option as it is soaked in water so all its hotness is extracted from it. And it will change your life and your pains. So do try it.

Next is GREEN CARDAMOM. If you have a habit of drinking tea then do add Cardamom to it. You can use it instead of ginger. Keep an eye on its seeds, if they are dry and brown in color then that will not yield result. The seeds should be healthy and sticky. It will help you a lot in controlling the Uric Acid. This increases both the Sugar and Protein metabolism.

The next ingredient after this is the BETEL NUTS, which people eat in betel leaves or which is inside gutka. You will get this in pooja shops or betel shops. So add it to your lives and also add 1-2 pieces in whatever you prepare so that the protein bond of the food is broken from before and you can get its benefits. The extract should go into your stomach but should not get stored as acid in your bones or joints. It should not make your blood hot and detoxification of the body goes on.

The next ingredient is the BETEL LEAVES. You can go to its shop and get it easily. Add the leaves to your salads and eat it. Betel leaf is very important for your life. People who have stones, Uric Acid causes Stones, I forgot to tell you. People who have stones, it can cause kidney failure. Keep in mind that Creatinine increases. In all such situations Cardamom, Betel nuts and Betel Leaves are all very important.

The next ingredient is GARLIC, the one which is found in the locally. I always recommend using the Garlic which is being sold on roadside and nobody goes for it. It is the size of a capsule. You should find it because nowadays people want every thing easy and they use the bigger sized garlic. You should take the small Garlic 2-3 in the morning so that your Blood Pressure should be in control as well as the acid that is forming keeps detoxifying. Do not cut and eat garlic as it will raise the acid, I am letting you know the form too. If you have Uric Acid then do not take it in any dips or any other things. So specially to treat Uric acid and B.P, Garlic should be eaten in capsule form. It means that you should keep them in the mouth and drink water, it will go inside and dissolve and do its work easily.

Then there is GREEN ONION. Though Green onion is protein still it increases the Protein metabolic rate. You must have noticed that Thai’s, Vietnamese, Chinese, Koreans eat a lot of protein based food. Either they eat a lot of Sea food or Protein in abundance. In such a case there will be Green onion in their plates. Green onion increases the rate of Protein digestion. So you also should not cook Green onion, either add it to your salad or make it a part of your food as it is.

Next is SPINACH. Spinach is strictly restricted in Uric Acid. But if there is the season and people want to eat then I will let you know the formula. I am showing spinach here. But this is for them too who have Thyroid. All those who have been restricted from such things, it is for them that they should heat water allow it to boil and then add Spinach and remove from flame, keep it covered for 5 minutes, then take it out, wash it and then use it in whichever dish you want. Using direct Spinach causes Uric Acid to even those who do not have it. Plus who do not have Thyroid too get it. So this is the formula to be followed while eating Spinach. The acid on top of it gives rise to many acids and then it causes acidity.

So keep in mind the way to eat it. You cannot take it directly. But I would also like to point out here that if you have Uric Acid more than 7 should not eat Spinach, Tomato, Split Red Gram, anything of Protein and Infact Chicken too. Not for more days only 10- 15 days, if you follow all the things and you will see the difference in your pain. Because as the crystals start dissolving by the intake of all these things, you are free to take whatever you want. But as long as crystal is present and you keep taking things then it will be provoked and you will not be able to sit or stand and you will not be able to sit in the toilet as you are unable to bend your knees.

This is my plate (in video), once even I had uric acid which was more than 6. That is cured and now you can see that my plate has Dill leaves, Coriander leaves, Pine apple. I am eating a protein based food. Pan roasted Tofu too is there, Tomatoes, Green chilies and Carrot too. Carrot is very good in increasing the protein metabolic rate. So I have added all these things when I am cured of Uric Acid. Because Protein can get stored anytime, even people who do not have it or have slight body pain. You cannot avoid protein. But you can add some things that will help in digesting proteins as it should not be stored in your stomach because it is difficult to digest protein more than Carbohydrates. So keep your intestine so supportive so that protein is digested and you can get its benefits.

I am telling this for those people also who go to Gym, males or female and who take protein shake on a regular basis. Keep in mind that if you do not go to gym and are taking protein shake or you are not exercising as much as you are supposed to and your intake is more than 30-45 gms and you are not exercising daily around 2-3 hours then there will be a possibility of Uric Acid and that will be tough. These types of people complain that they get knee pain when they go to the gym or their shoulders pain because of exercising in the gym but the truth is that this situation is not because of gym it is because your Uric Acid level has started rising. Is such a situation it is very important that you raise your protein metabolic rate. If you are taking protein shake then you should know the formula of digesting it.

Next I will talk about ways to increase the Sugar metabolic rate. As you can see this is BEET ROOT. It is such a vegetable in which sugar content is very high, still it helps in slimming, making people healthy and it has the strength to fight Uric Acid. It has a very high power. Since it has abundant amount of sugar, so people with Uric Acid should have it in the morning. Early morning when you get up after taking Fenugreek seeds you must take 2 pieces of it around 50 gms each. And this will help in elevating your Sugar metabolic rate when you are having high Uric acid levels.

Next I am showing you my plate (In video). In this plate as you can see I have used carb. This is made of plain wheat flour which has abundant amount of sugar. In such a situation garlic and onion has been added to it which will increase the sugar metabolic rate. It is accompanied by tomato, dill leaves, coriander leaves and green chilly salad. The tomato used here is without skin and seeds. So remember that if you want to raise your sugar metabolism rate then you need to eat such types of combination.

To increase the Sugar and Protein metabolism there is a very important thing and that is LEMON. But people with citric allergy cannot take lemon directly. So it is very important that its juice should be warm/ boiled. So keep in mind that even if you have to eat it then follow the formula that I have told you. Cut lemon into half and cook it over the gas then eat it. But it should be cooked only to the point where carbon should not form. Hold it with tongs and keep it over the flame, when it boils sprinkle black salt and turmeric powder over it and then you can lick it. But there should be no traces of carbon on it that might seem that it is burnt otherwise it will increase the acidity. And carbon provokes Uric Acid. So keep this in mind. And it is better if you squeeze its juice in a spoon and heat it.

Next ingredient is TURMERIC. If you can get raw turmeric then it is very good else you can also use turmeric powder. It very important that people with Uric Acid should have either its Orange tea or Yellow tea. So keep this in mind.

I had shared a recipe of PICKLE that too is very important. In that I had used these Red chilies which are very good for people with Uric Acid. And you will be able to get it in this season. So look for the pickle recipe’s link in the description box, view it and follow it. Even though you have Uric Acid still that pickle and its sourness will not harm you. Because it does not have any extra acid or mango powder or lemon juice in it. So people with citric allergy too can have that pickle as it controls citric allergy.

Apart from this the next is PUMPKIN. Pumpkin is very important in controlling Uric Acid despite being sweet. So do use it.  I will be sharing its recipe soon, as I have become very busy with my patients so it is difficult to make a video. But I will do it very soon. So whatever recipe you make of pumpkin, you should not add sugar to it. If you add sugar to it then pumpkin will cause swelling and cough as it is cold by nature. But if you eat it just like that then it has a lot of health benefits.

Next ingredient is BITTER GUARD. There is a full video on bitter guard; the link is in the description box. Here I am talking about Uric Acid. You can take it in any form vegetable, juice or pickle; it will benefit you a lot. Nowadays during winters too it benefits a lot. So see the benefits of Butter guard and follow it. Green juice part 1 will also benefit you a lot now. Seriously it will give you a very good result so its link too is in the description box. It is a boon for people with Uric Acid. So do keep it with you and consume it. Prepare and keep it in fridge and daily you can eat a small quantity with whatever you eat.

Apart from all this have a look at this cart. Whatever things are there in it: raw banana, all types of guards: snake guard, sponge guard etc. All this will benefit you. Also Zucchini, bottle guard all these will also benefit you. So add it to your day to day life. There is no punctual rule for it. But it is important to follow it so that your Uric Acid can be cured.

Then as you can see this bunch, I am showing you this because all this provokes Potassium. When the level of Potassium dips in the body then the toxins begin to rise and Uric Acid starts forming. So in such a situation you should increase the Potassium. I am decreasing the length of this video as it is already very lengthy an if I keep going in detail then even you are aware that this will go on for 2-2 ½ hours. So this will be in series. I cannot make such a lengthy video. But do eat raw banana, ripe banana and apples.


Water melon too is very important and apart from this another important thing is Coconut water. But people with high sodium, swelling in the body and if it is a cold season then avoid coconut water if there is no sunlight because sodium is very high in coconut water.

I am showing you some photographs of Delhi meet n greet. I am showing you all this because I want you all to wish for me. I will be making a detailed video on how was the meet n greet. We enjoyed a lot. My birthday is on 27th December and I will be uploading this video a day before that is on the 26th, so do wish me. I am sharing my birthday with Salman Khan. I need a lot of wishes for 2017 so that my child and I should be healthy. And do wish that I can make videos on more interesting topics for you. And the biggest challenge is that my video should give you results which is my biggest concern. So that whatever I upload should be beneficial and it should not be only for viewing. So do wish that whatever I upload shows result. (IN VIDEO Above)

So if you liked this video on Uric acid then do hit the like button. Give it a thumbs up. Share it so that others too can benefit from it. Add it to your playlist so that you can view it later. Subscribe to my channel if you have not done so, so that you keep getting updates of future uploads. I shall see you again in my next video with any recipe, information, skin care or hair care. Till then BYE

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